Social Media

Social media is the pulse of the 21st century. It is a future. It is how the people keep in contact with friends near and far, it is how we nteract with each other, it is how we purchase and consume goods and services. What is often less visible, however, is just how important social media is to business.

The numbers involved give some sense of significance of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and more. Four billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube, with 60 hours of videos uploading every minute. All organisations now have to market themselves using the vast array of social media platforms that are available. And, it’s rapidly changing world, as the juggernaut success of Pinterest (now the third most used social network in the US) and Instagram (acquired by Facebook for $1 billion 18 months after launching) testifies.

In Ireland, the social media and digital sector, along with the business world, is moving at a fast pace and the industry is highly evolving. As marketers we must embrace this new social movement in order to engage with the ever changing customer withing a business context.

It is necessary to learn the business, marketing and digital media skills and knowledge needed to enter this industry. Social media helps to develop your communication and technical skills, enabling you to successfully work within a digital marketing and marketing setting. It introduces you to the latest tools and techniques for creatively engaging in social media marketing while simulating real world scenarios.


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